Africa Trade Development Company

General Information

Africa trade development company acts as a permanent way between the important markets. Through international trade services, traders will be able to present better products and services to a larger number of clients.

aside from the international trade services, we are proud to present good-qualified assistance on the product’s analysis, the trade’s strategy’s improvement, and laying a foundation to close a good deal.

using more than 15 years of managers and founders’ experience, the Africa trade development company has been registered with registration number 575293 in 1399.

We are qualified to Offer Consulting Services in the Following Fields

Grade 1 Residential, Commercial, Administrative, Industrial and Military Buildings
Grade 1 Urban Design & Planning
Grade 3 Educational, Sports, Hospitals and Health Care Center Buildings
Grade 3 Structure
Grade 3 Installation “Mechanical & Electrical”
Paykadeh is a Member of

Iranian Society of Consulting Engineers
International Consultants and contractors Association of Iran
Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture
Federation of Consultants from Islamic Countries “FCIC”
At this time we have been offering consulting services in the fields of

Urban Design & Planning
Structural Engineering
Civil Engineering
Mechanical & Electrical Engineering
Construction Supervision
To ensure that all the Projects are managed properly and fulfill quality control and assurance of our services, Paykadeh has an EPM and PMO systems applied in all its departments.

Trade in Services Form

    Africatd Communication Services

    Water Desalination Plants

    • We offer different water solutions especially for water desalination
    • Our plug & play containerized water desalination plant offers long durability and low operation costs
    • Energy consumption < 2 kW/m3
    • Capacity range of 100 – 1,500 m3 per day

    Intelligent Air Pollution Recognition System

    The integrated solution of sensor network for recognizing the number of available air polluters

    Measuring temperature, humidity, hydrocarbons, CO, CO2, NO2, CH4, H2S, and O3 parameters


    Automatic alarm transmission to the control center in case that the polluters exceed the defined levels. Estimating the analytic models according to different environmental conditions.

    • Measuring the suspended particles (PM1/PM2.5/PM10)
    • Calculating the air quality index
    • High accuracy of the 0.1PPM measurement
    • Automatic and immediate surveillance of environmental conditions
    • Using the protocols with low energy consumption
    • The capability of programming and updating the nodes remotely (OTAP)
    • Using the solar panel internally/externally

    Electricity Transmission & Telecommunication Towers/Masts

    Delivering high-quality products, complying with international standards, and flexibility in design and engineering to meet every project’s conditions and requirements, all have made the ICI a successful and reputable EPC contractor in power transmission and telecommunication industries.


    During years of overseas activities, ICI has established its affiliated companies and branches in several countries and has signed numerous protocols and partnerships around the world.

    Besides, the presence of the ICI branches and its team of technical experts located in the target markets, contribute a great role in the improvement of the ICI services.

    Air Traffic Control Tower (ATCT) Services

    ACSPI has extensive experience in:

    • Planning
    • Designing
    • Constructing
    • Supervising
    • Executing
    • Training

    (Core competencies: Low Cost, Time, Faulty/High Quality, Tech, Safety)

    Air Traffic Control Tower (ATCT) Services-service2

    Telecom & ICT

    Engineering, Design, and Implementation of Communication, Telecom, and ICT Projects
    • 1st rank communication contractor awarded by Plan & Budget Org.
    • Member of Iran Telecommunication Syndicate
    • • Top telecom contractor for the turn-key method in mobile telecommunication and infrastructure

    Agriculture Meteorological System

    Main page features :

    • Real-time (list): a list view of the last instantaneous data
    • Real-time (gauge): Graphical view of the last instantaneous data
    • Monitoring: Table displaying instantaneous data for the last 3 days
    • Graphs: Graphs for each main parameters showing evolution of data for the last 24 hours


    • Wind Speed
    • Wind Direction
    • Air Temperature
    • Air Humidity
    • Air Pressure
    • Radiation
    • Rain Gauge
    • Evaporation
    • Soil Temperature
    • Soil Humidity

    Hybrid Technology Department

    Identification systems are the systems that can help read and recognize individuals, goods & equipment information. These systems are made of a series of hardwires and software and without the need for the presence of a person can identify the entity and react toward it. One of the latest technologies used in the identification system is RFID i.e.


    These systems can exchange data wirelessly between a tag and a reader and do not require physical contact between these two components. In this system, the tag is installed on an entity (product, object, etc.) or used to identify a human delivered as a card.

    ECI producing the country and designing the first non-contact local chip and having experience in the field of RFID systems provides the following items:

    • Active and Inactive cards, Labels, and Tags on different Frequencies Various types of related data readers
    • Providing software development tools
    • Providing applicable software


    • Identification of items and equipment in the shortest time
    • Tracking parts and series for producer and consumer to finalize product or system
    • Tracking the vehicles at the desired locations

    Sample products

    • Guarantee identification
    • Electronic Seal
    • Identification card
    • Product Identification (watch, jewel), NFC
    • Equipment ID (special for purchased equipment by companies)