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Five-step ridge flushing


Flushing facade type: Flushing facade
Material: Galvanized sheet
Coating: Furnace paint
Wide width (mm): 0.5_0.4

Roof sandwich panel


Application type of roof sandwich panel: Industrial
Roof sandwich panel model: crotch and tongue (male and female)
Production method: Continuus
Panel thickness (mm): 50 _20,
Medium core thickness (mm): 50 _20,
Sheet material: galvanized, aluminum, allozinc, PVC
Outer layer sheet thickness (mm): 0.5 _0.4,

Wall sandwich panel


Application type wall sandwich panel: industrial, refrigeration, clean room
Wall panel sandwich model: hidden screw
Production method: Continuus
Panel thickness (mm): 80_30,
Medium core thickness (mm): 80_30,
Sheet material: galvanized, aluminum, allozinc
Outer layer sheet thickness (mm): 0.7_0.4,
Inner layer thickness (mm): 0.7_0.4,
Sheet view: grooved
Color type: furnace