Africa Trade Development Company

General Information

Africa trade development company acts as a permanent way between the important markets. Through international trade services, traders will be able to present better products and services to a larger number of clients.

aside from the international trade services, we are proud to present good-qualified assistance on the product’s analysis, the trade’s strategy’s improvement, and laying a foundation to close a good deal.

using more than 15 years of managers and founders’ experience, the Africa trade development company has been registered with registration number 575293 in 1399.

We are qualified to Offer Consulting Services in the Following Fields

Grade 1 Residential, Commercial, Administrative, Industrial and Military Buildings
Grade 1 Urban Design & Planning
Grade 3 Educational, Sports, Hospitals and Health Care Center Buildings
Grade 3 Structure
Grade 3 Installation “Mechanical & Electrical”
Paykadeh is a Member of

Iranian Society of Consulting Engineers
International Consultants and contractors Association of Iran
Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture
Federation of Consultants from Islamic Countries “FCIC”
At this time we have been offering consulting services in the fields of

Urban Design & Planning
Structural Engineering
Civil Engineering
Mechanical & Electrical Engineering
Construction Supervision
To ensure that all the Projects are managed properly and fulfill quality control and assurance of our services, Paykadeh has an EPM and PMO systems applied in all its departments.

Trade in Services Form

    Africatd Building Services

    Saroj Bushehr Cement (Kangan Cement Factory)

    Saroj Bushehr Cement, Kangan Cement Factory in Kangan province, km 14 of the Kangan to Asalouye road, within the limits of two special economic zones of Pars Energy and on a land with an area of 63 hectares. The height of the factory construction site is about 50 meters above sea level and the climate of the region has hot summers with temperatures above 50 degrees Celsius and relative humidity of 73% and mild winters with a minimum temperature of 5 degrees Celsius and relative humidity. 61 percent.

    Bridge Construction

    Given grade 1 of the competence and suitability as a contractor in the discipline “road and transportation”, the company was brilliant in the execution of construction projects of highways, bridges, and heavy buildings.


    Dikes and Dams, Execution of Irrigation and Drainage Networks

    The group winning the Grade 1 proficiency in the discipline of the dams and dependent facilities, managed to conclude several major contracts with the ministry of energy, to the implementation of the water diversion tunnels in concrete and soil.


    Road Construction

    Given grade 1 of the competence and suitability as a contractor in the discipline “road and transportation”, the company was brilliant in the execution of construction projects of highways, bridges, and heavy buildings.


    Drilling and Tunnel

    The executive experience and work history of the company is widely recognized in the industry. The company benefits first grade of competence and ability as an entrepreneur in this field. The company has already implemented several projects and many others are running.


    Large Concrete and Metal Structures

    The resources of the company in terms of experienced engineers and machinery and equipment in the construction field offered the first grade of competency and ability as a contractor in this area.


    Construction of Social Housing and Residential Complexes

    Having the highest degree of competence of contractor in the construction of housing and residential complexes, gave rise to run several projects in his sector.


    Prefabricated Houses Products

    Prefabricated houses Products are designed to be used for various applications including residence, military, workshop, offices recreation, etc. in different sizes and dimensions. Another advantage of our products is that we use high-quality raw material with proper weight and high endurance. As a result, we can provide a one-year guarantee and five-year after-sales services. We are prepared to receive your orders, implement your ideas in our designs, and produce your intended products based on your preferred dimensions and quality in the shortest time possible.


    Villa Prefabricated Houses

    Technical Specifications:

    Dimensions: Length: 10 m, Width: 6 m, Functional Height of each Floor:2.5 m

    Total Weight: 15000Kg

    Structure: Standard Steel Studs and Profiles and Formed Sheets

    Body: Embossed Sandwich Panel

    Flooring: Parquet, Ceramic or other High-Quality Flooring