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Aircraft Cabin Illumination (LED)


The advantages of LED lamps application are as follow:

  1. Being economical and having higher efficiency in the rate of 30% to m40% more than compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) fluorescent lamps, incandescent lamps and high-intensity discharge lamps(HID)
  2. Higher light Emission in a favorable direction
  3. Longer lifetime than other light sources
  4. Not used if mercury and other poisonous materials exist
  5. Resistance to impact and mechanical shocks
  6. Reducing cost and ease of replacement
  7. Compactness and capability of installation on PCB
  8. Possibility of adjustment of the produced light lumen by electricity current
  9. Higher continuous application time
  10. The guarantee for Fokker 100 is six months or 500 hr. And for MD series, Airbus A320 and A300- 600 is twelve months or 3200 hr

Crew Boat


The vessel shall be constructed as a medium speed, sea-kindly, crew, and cargo boat for operation in ambient air temperature of max 50 °C and 95% RH and seawater max temperature of 32°C.

The vessel will be operated at a sea state of 5. The bridge is arranged to allow all-round vision. Entry to the passenger decks is via rear doors. The aft control station is located on the top deck, behind the main bridge station within the air-conditioned bridge area. A suitable counter equipped by the refrigerator for serving snacks is arranged in the passenger area. Two toilets are positioned aft on the top deck for passengers and two at the crew accommodation area.

This ship can be used to support the inlands and transporting equipment,machinery,etc.


Data Pocket Logger


The data logger stores all necessary data of navigation equipment as a black box. This logger has the following specifications:

  • Compatible with wide difference input data types.
  • Perfect isolation of inputs.
  • Possible upgrade to blast resistance.
  • Possible upgrade to ping placement.

Display System


NCD_301 Model Navnet is designed in a compact case to monitor and control all navigation systems with I/O data ports in serial and network protocols. The device is designed to be portable and to have easy mobility and mountable on a static stand. Integrated powerful processor and display hardware help to use it in all systems for processing and monitoring devices.

  • Easy to install on the dashboard, stands, and consoles.
  • Supporting USB Flash Memory to save and record data.
  • Input /output data ports in serial RS232 and RS422, LAN, USB2–3 protocols are available.
  • Full isolation for all serial ports with separate serial rounds.
  • Support OS Windows 7,8,10 in x86-x64 and Linux.
  • Saving and recording data from multi-connected devices.
  • Environment IEC60945 standard.

Dynamic Positioning System


Dynamic Positioning System automatically controls a vessel’s heading and position by activating thrusters based upon data as received from position reference systems, gyrocompasses, wind sensors, and motion reference units. The Auto Track mode allows the ship to move along a pre-defined track at low speed as defined by the operator.

DP1 system allows the operator to automatically control the heading and manually position the vessel based on the data as received from gyrocompasses and wind sensors. DP1 system is suited e.g. supply vessels, tug boats, dredgers, cable and pipe laying vessels, FPSO’s, heavy lift vessels, and mega-yachts in full accordance with LRS standards.


Fire Resistant Rescue Boat


The main application of the lifeboat is for rescue operations on the offshore platforms and all of the vessels. The boat has been inspected and approved by the classification society from a quality point of view.

This vessel has a sealed cockpit with a capacity of 32 seats and is designed and manufactured to rescue a maximum of 32 persons from emergency conditions.

The vessel can be used for 8 minutes to rescue the crew.

All the hatches of the vessel will be closed during the rescuing and the needed oxygen for the crew will be provided by the oxygen capsules inside the vessel.


Multipurpose Patrol & Sport Boats 17M & 8M


17M is a vessel made of fiberglass with 2×1200 hp engines and propulsion systems. The vessel has good performance & reliability that can reach a maximum speed of 65 knots.

8M is a fast patrol boat with high performance & special characteristics. This boat has a good ability for maneuvering in calm water and wave. It is powered by 2×250 hp outboard engines. It can get a maximum speed of 51 knots.


Multipurpose Patrol & Sports Boats 10M & 11M


10M is a fast patrol boat with good maneuvering in calm sea conditions. It can reach a maximum speed of 60 knots. It has 2×350 hp outboard engines. The structure and hull are made of fiberglass. This vessel can operate in tropical weather.

11M is a fast patrol boat with the capability of maneuvering in different sea states with a 2×350 hp outboard. It can reach a maximum speed of 53 knots.


Passenger Boat 30 -120


The passenger vessels with monohull and catamaran hull forms are designed and manufactured for transporting 30-120 passengers.

The construction of the vessel is suitable for commercial ferry operations in the Caspian Sea and the Persian Gulf.

The maximum ambient air temperature is +45˚C with 95% R.H. and min. the temperature of

+5˚C, seawater temperature of +32˚C for the Persian Gulf.

The structural arrangement is following appropriate rules for the special passenger boat (120


SAR 20-1


This vessel is designed and manufactured for Search and Rescue operations. This vessel has a Mono Hull series with high maneuver and navigation performance. The hull is made of marine aluminum grade 5083 and it has a strong structure and high resistance against corrosion. The power system of the vessel contains two engines and its propulsion system is a water jet. Maximum speed of vessel is 35 knots. It is equipped with a central ventilation system, fuel tanks with a capacity of 3600 liters, freshwater 700 liters, an internal and external firefighting system, an appropriate communication system, navigation equipment, health and welfare facilities. Cruise speed of vessel is 20 knots in calm sea and weather temperature 45°C, sea temperature 32°C and relative humidity 95% during 24 hours a day. Considering the special duty of this vessel, a hook with a pulling capacity of 4 tons and a crane with a capacity of 1.2 ton are designed and installed on the vessel. The vessel is manufactured under supervision and according to the rules of classification societies.


Satellite Navigation System


GPS 2102/ GPS 3203 satellite navigation system can perform positioning with a high precision GNSS Card that is connected to GPS and GLONASS Satellite systems to work. The device can do measurements and calculate course over the ground, speed over the ground, and other parameters that demand high accuracy. That is comfortable to use for Patrol cars and Ships. GPS 3203 outfit with DGPS.

  • High accuracy in positioning from
  • Installable on dashboard or bracket
  • Low electrical power consumption
  • None Sensitive for Proximity with electrical and RF Devices
  • Support of NMEA0183 data
  • outputs Environment IEC60945