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Iran2africa-karnotech-Automatic nest

Chicken Farming Equipment Automatic Nest


-Ability to collect eggs without vibration
-Ability to adjust egg conveyor speed
-Decrease the percentage of broken eggs
-Decrease the percentage of laying on the bed
-Cleaner eggs and higher hatching percentages
-Proper design for entering and leaving the bird and preventing it from sleeping in the nest at night
-Create a comfortable space for laying



Chicken Farming Equipment Cellulose


The advantages of using Cellulose :
• Specifications of Cellulose
• Finnish paper with a density of 95 and 2 years warranty
• Thickness of 10 and 15 cm
• Top and bottom aluminum frame
• Polyethylene tank

Iran2africa-karnotech-Circular feeder

Chicken Farming Equipment Circular Feeder


Introduction Title
• The pan feeder is made of polypropylene or a polymer.
• Applicable to first day old chicks to the end of period.
• Easy access of bird to feed of pan.
• Uniform distribution of feed.
• The exact design of the pan edges to prevent wasting feeds and prevent chicken from entering the pan.
• Easy washing of the pan and opening and closing the parts because of rotating shape of the pan
• Use of ceiling gearbox winch to facilitate height adjustment.
• Possess a galvanized or polyethylene hopper for easy cleaning.
• Ability to adjust the height of the input feed to the pan fits the age of the bird

Iran2africa-karnotech-Exhaust fan

Chicken Farming Equipment Exhaust Fan


KARNO ventilation system
• Usable for poultry and greenhouses
• 140 x 140 fan ventilators with air output of 4300 cubic meters at a pressure of zero Pascal
• Opening dampers via eccentricity system.
• Preventing the entrance of dust and pollution, because of dampers being closed when the devices off.
• Using high quality galvanized sheets for body and damper
• Blades are made of high quality stainless steel sheet with a diameter of 127 cm
• Possess a strap to tighten the belt to prevent decrease in output of the fan

Iran2africa-karnotech-Full-automatic Pullet Cage System

Chicken Farming Equipment Full Automatic Pullet Cage System


pullet cage

• The dimensions of each cage section are 67 * 120 centimeters
• The distance between cage legs is 60 centimeters.
• The cage is bolt and nut type and resistant to earthquakes.
• In each section, there are 4 nipples made of plastic and stainless steel with a cup
• The height of the drinking system is adjustable.
• Feeding system made of high quality galvanized with special design which makes the feed uniform and hygienic available to the bird.

Iran2africa-karnotech-Jet Heater

Chicken Farming Equipment Jet Heater


Advantages Jet Heater Karno:
1- efficiency over 99%
2-reduce power consumption by 70 percent
3-Easy maintenance with low cost
4-convert gasoline to gas or dual fuel
5-air conditioning and help create air circulation
6-Ability to install or use a portable altitude
7-small size and does not need much space for installation
8-Ability to install a thermostat to control the temperature of the environment
9-Easy access to fuel and nozzle set
10-extra air intake system for the complete fuel
11- rapid return on investment due to the cost of fuel and electricity

Iran2africa-karnotech-Karno Air Inlet

Chicken Farming Equipment Karno Air Inlet


Technical specification
• Dimensions : 60×30 cm
• Material: polystyrene (HIPS) resistant to heat, cold, ultraviolet radiation, acidic and alkaline material, pressure, tensile and impact
• Graded deflector: to tune inlet air in best angle
• Spout damper: Prevent the passage of air along the valve and login uniform air inside the hall
• Double skin damper: Compressed Foam Insulation and Preventive of heat loss
• Central column: two columns to increase Strength of the valve body
• Damper spring: four springs to keep the valve closed while using tunnel ventilation
• Protective net: preventive to entry of other animals to the hall
• Electrical winch and transmission motor: applicable and can be controlled by automation
• Hand winch: can be connected to barometer to control hall air pressure
• Stepped edge of damper: preventive of air infiltration when valve is closed

Iran2africa-karnotech-Karno Air mixer

Chicken Farming Equipment Karno Air mixer


Advantages of using this system
• Moves heat down from the highest parts of the building and distributes it at the bird level
• Uniform temperatures throughout the house encourage more even bird distribution.
• Reducing the fuel consumption.
• Improves littler condition
• Possess an intelligent electronic board equipped with automatic sensors, which is based on the temperature difference between the ceiling and the floor, so powering on and off is automatically.
• Ability to add heating system including hot water unit and heating torch.
• Using 12-inch PVC duct with adjustment ability of height

Iran2africa-karnotech-Karno feed pan

Chicken Farming Equipment Karno Feed Pan


Technical Specifications:
• Fiber glass bipartite hopper for easy cleaning
• Electrical winch 1-1/5 ton for easy elevating of feeding line
• Portable optical sensor on the feeding line
• Electro Motor Gearbox 1KW-3 phases
• High quality galvanized pipe with high quality that is cut with a special device and prevents the movement of plate on the pipe