Custom Product Factory

Iran2africa is a B2B platform to establish relations with African traders. We are a comprehensive service platform for foreign trade and are committed to help our customers satisfy their needs. Trading with Iran is a win-win game due to low cost of energy, labor, and also raw material. Iran2africa provides such a different platform to cover all its customers’ requirenments.

Iran2africa has a wide variety of products. Just search your product, then you will find it in the blink of an eye.
What happened? Your required product is not found? Yeah, you are right. Sometimes you can’t find your required products.
What will happen then? Stop searching and delete this website? No, wait a minute.
Just be relaxed, we have a solution for you. Just follow these steps to find your required product. Let’s take a brief look at it:

  1. Select a product: What kinds of products do you want? Just choose its item.

  2. Specify your customization needs: What features should your product have? Write it down.

  3. Send your request: After you write the detailed information, send your request to us.

  4. Get supplier quotation: Your chosen supplier will answer as soon as possible. The more specific information, the faster response you will get.


If you need any special item, feature, size and so on, do not search for any other platforms, just follow the above steps and you will find an answer to your question undoubtedly. Iran2africa is in close companion with its customers to help them achieve their goals and overcome any kinds of obstacles. Be sure that all your requirements would be satisfied by our team. Your Satisfaction is important to us, as a result we always try to offer the best and high quality service to our customers. By sending us your enquiry, you can have your own and desired products. Remember our experts are always ready to help you. Trust us, it is an absolute win-win relation for both parties. Join us and benefit from it.