Mahab Ghodss

Mahab Ghodss

With Mahab Ghodss proven track record of accomplishments in more than 2000 major infrastructure projects, we offer our Clients a wide range of high quality engineering services for dams, hydropower plants, irrigation and drainage systems, river engineering, water supply and treatment plants for urban and rural areas, wastewater collection systems and recycling plants, roads, tunnels, metro, surface and ground water resources investigation, socio-economic and environmental impact assessments, photogrammetry, surveying, remote sensing and GIS. We are also expanding into new areas of engineering and clean renewable energy.


In the journey to materialize our strategic goals, while present in the domestic market, we are competing with the well-known international consultants in global projects. Our objective is to excel in national technical and engineering arenas and to develop and extend our experience to the world.


Successful completion of more than 2000 projects in 33 years of activity at national & international levels; including Karkheh Large Dam with a reservoir volume of 5.57 billion m3 & a 400 MW power plant, 205-m high Karun III Dam with a 2000 MW power plant, 760- km pipeline supplying water to the cities along the Persian Gulf, etc

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