MIM Daroo

MIM Daroo

Group : Hi Tech

Company work : pharmaceutical research- production

Services : pharmaceutical

Main products : MigraineCut, MigriHeal, AllergyCut

MIM Daroo Pharmaceutical Company was established in 2009 by the goal of creating a curative drug for migraine disease. After many years of rigorous research and large clinical trials at the only migraine clinic in the Middle East (Aramesh Multidisciplinary Pain Clinic of Tehran), MIM Daroo Pharmaceutical Company introduced the first curative medicine For migraine headaches in 2009. The original newly developed drug was in the form of inhalation and needed special processes to be used only at the clinics. The R&D team of MIM Daroo was then encouraged to develop a new version of migraine curative medicine. In 2016, MigraineCut , the first nasal spray to cure migraine passed all the requirements and was registered in Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of Iran and received its mass industrial production license. MIM Daroo company now working in herbal and Nature based treatments for common annoying diseases such as Allergy, Eczema, Sinusitis and … and the research and developments team have achieved very promising results in treating these diseases.

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