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504 egg incubator

The 504 super miniature incubator has larger dimensions than other common incubators. This incubator is designed to meet all domestic and industrial needs. One of the prominent features of this device is high hatching efficiency. According to regular evaluations, this incubator is able to incubate 99 eggs out of 100 eggs inside it. This amount of eggs is a record. The 504 egg incubator is named according to its poultry capacity. So, you can incubate 504 eggs, 1152 quail eggs, 768 partridge eggs, 300 turkey and goose eggs, etc. Important features of this incubator and the super miniature series are the same. Features like washable PVC body, precision Swiss-made SHT sensor, versatile incubator combs make the super miniature incubator series unrivaled compared to similar models.
best egg incubator in Middle East
High efficiency for common birds
Iran2africa-karnotech-Automatic nest

Chicken Farming Equipment Automatic Nest


-Ability to collect eggs without vibration
-Ability to adjust egg conveyor speed
-Decrease the percentage of broken eggs
-Decrease the percentage of laying on the bed
-Cleaner eggs and higher hatching percentages
-Proper design for entering and leaving the bird and preventing it from sleeping in the nest at night
-Create a comfortable space for laying



Chicken Farming Equipment Cellulose


The advantages of using Cellulose :
• Specifications of Cellulose
• Finnish paper with a density of 95 and 2 years warranty
• Thickness of 10 and 15 cm
• Top and bottom aluminum frame
• Polyethylene tank

Iran2africa-karnotech-Circular feeder

Chicken Farming Equipment Circular Feeder


Introduction Title
• The pan feeder is made of polypropylene or a polymer.
• Applicable to first day old chicks to the end of period.
• Easy access of bird to feed of pan.
• Uniform distribution of feed.
• The exact design of the pan edges to prevent wasting feeds and prevent chicken from entering the pan.
• Easy washing of the pan and opening and closing the parts because of rotating shape of the pan
• Use of ceiling gearbox winch to facilitate height adjustment.
• Possess a galvanized or polyethylene hopper for easy cleaning.
• Ability to adjust the height of the input feed to the pan fits the age of the bird

Iran2africa-karnotech-Exhaust fan

Chicken Farming Equipment Exhaust Fan


KARNO ventilation system
• Usable for poultry and greenhouses
• 140 x 140 fan ventilators with air output of 4300 cubic meters at a pressure of zero Pascal
• Opening dampers via eccentricity system.
• Preventing the entrance of dust and pollution, because of dampers being closed when the devices off.
• Using high quality galvanized sheets for body and damper
• Blades are made of high quality stainless steel sheet with a diameter of 127 cm
• Possess a strap to tighten the belt to prevent decrease in output of the fan

Iran2africa-karnotech-Full-automatic Pullet Cage System

Chicken Farming Equipment Full Automatic Pullet Cage System


pullet cage

• The dimensions of each cage section are 67 * 120 centimeters
• The distance between cage legs is 60 centimeters.
• The cage is bolt and nut type and resistant to earthquakes.
• In each section, there are 4 nipples made of plastic and stainless steel with a cup
• The height of the drinking system is adjustable.
• Feeding system made of high quality galvanized with special design which makes the feed uniform and hygienic available to the bird.

Iran2africa-karnotech-Jet Heater

Chicken Farming Equipment Jet Heater


Advantages Jet Heater Karno:
1- efficiency over 99%
2-reduce power consumption by 70 percent
3-Easy maintenance with low cost
4-convert gasoline to gas or dual fuel
5-air conditioning and help create air circulation
6-Ability to install or use a portable altitude
7-small size and does not need much space for installation
8-Ability to install a thermostat to control the temperature of the environment
9-Easy access to fuel and nozzle set
10-extra air intake system for the complete fuel
11- rapid return on investment due to the cost of fuel and electricity

Iran2africa-karnotech-Karno Air Inlet

Chicken Farming Equipment Karno Air Inlet


Technical specification
• Dimensions : 60×30 cm
• Material: polystyrene (HIPS) resistant to heat, cold, ultraviolet radiation, acidic and alkaline material, pressure, tensile and impact
• Graded deflector: to tune inlet air in best angle
• Spout damper: Prevent the passage of air along the valve and login uniform air inside the hall
• Double skin damper: Compressed Foam Insulation and Preventive of heat loss
• Central column: two columns to increase Strength of the valve body
• Damper spring: four springs to keep the valve closed while using tunnel ventilation
• Protective net: preventive to entry of other animals to the hall
• Electrical winch and transmission motor: applicable and can be controlled by automation
• Hand winch: can be connected to barometer to control hall air pressure
• Stepped edge of damper: preventive of air infiltration when valve is closed

Iran2africa-karnotech-Karno Air mixer

Chicken Farming Equipment Karno Air mixer


Advantages of using this system
• Moves heat down from the highest parts of the building and distributes it at the bird level
• Uniform temperatures throughout the house encourage more even bird distribution.
• Reducing the fuel consumption.
• Improves littler condition
• Possess an intelligent electronic board equipped with automatic sensors, which is based on the temperature difference between the ceiling and the floor, so powering on and off is automatically.
• Ability to add heating system including hot water unit and heating torch.
• Using 12-inch PVC duct with adjustment ability of height

Iran2africa-karnotech-Karno feed pan

Chicken Farming Equipment Karno Feed Pan


Technical Specifications:
• Fiber glass bipartite hopper for easy cleaning
• Electrical winch 1-1/5 ton for easy elevating of feeding line
• Portable optical sensor on the feeding line
• Electro Motor Gearbox 1KW-3 phases
• High quality galvanized pipe with high quality that is cut with a special device and prevents the movement of plate on the pipe

Iran2africa-karnotech-Karno Nipple Drinking System

Chicken Farming Equipment Karno Nipple Drinking System


Technical Specifications:
• Full-strength nipple with 360 degree rotation
• 10-2 to 15 chicken phones for each nipple and 10 to 12 nipples for mother and pill
• Intervals between nipples are in 25 and 30 cm
• models High resistance to rust and corrosion

Iran2africa-karnotech-Layer Cage

Chicken Farming Equipment Layer Cage


Fully Automatic Chicken Cage System with Stacking Battery with Barrel
This cage is made of high quality galvanized sheets and wires. The distance between the base cages is 60 cm, which increases the cage’s resistance.
The dimensions of each cell are 60 * 60 cm and 40 cm high, suitable for 9 chicken heads – the cage has a wagon system, a child bar, a nipple drinker, an egg collecting system and an elevator.
The design of the cage is such that it has the least problem in the transfer of fertilizer out of the hall and there is no problem in moving the air between the cells.
Manufactured fertilizer and egg bar making system in Italy.

Iran2africa-karnotech-Poultry smart control system

Chicken Farming Equipment Poultry Smart Control System


• Controlled ventilation system types ( transverse , transport and tunnel )
• Variable speed fan control separately
• Control Systems
• Controlled cooling system
• Lighting Control
• Control of Power Systems
• Angle control valves Aynlt
• Control the amount of intake air
• Humidity -controlled room
• Control of harmful gases ( ammonia , carbon dioxide , hydrogen sulfide, carbon Mvnksyd )
• Controlling the temperature inside and outside the hall sensors embedded
• Antbaq with all the breeds of poultry and poultry breeder and different climatic conditions
• Room temperature and humidity logging capabilities
• PC connectivity and control from any location in hall
• Equipped with alarms and warning systems
• Send the same SMS to multiple lines
• Visibility and the amount of feed water per day for the entire period


easy-bator 2 egg incubator


Easybator 2 is specially designed to be easily used at homes. This machine is capable of incubating all types of birds and it is full automat.

hen: 96 eggs – quail: 240 eggs – partridge: 96 eggs – goose: 40 eggs – duck: 40 eggs – Pheasant: 40 eggs – Peacock: 96 eggs – Finch: 240 eggs – Canary: 240 eggs – Casco: 240 eggs – Bride: 240 eggs – Pigeon: 240 eggs – black Swan: 36 eggs – Flamingo: 36 eggs – Stork: 36 eggs