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Cream Cheese

cream cheese is obtained through a natural process of fermenting fresh and high-quality milk. Due to its lovely taste and good nutritional value, it has many fans among consumers in different age groups and across the country.

This product is also full of energy and suitable for children and people with high physical activity. Since this cheese has a very mild taste and low salinity, it can also be used in baking. Due to its soft texture, it spreads easily on bread, and it also has high amounts of protein, calcium, phosphorus, and a variety of vitamins.

To produce this cheese, some cream is added to the milk in the process, so the taste of the final product is creamy. This cheese is a great choice to give an energetic start to the day.

Cream Cheese With Walnut

200gr Cream cheese with walnut contains real pieces of walnut with best quality, which while providing adequate energy for daily activities, also helps to improve the function of the brain and memory system.

This product is made from fresh and high-quality milk, which due to its good taste and proper nutritional value, has special fans among Ramak consumers in different age groups and throughout the country. The Cream cheese with walnuts is high in phosphorus, which helps store energy in the body.

This Ramak cheese is relatively high in calories because cream and walnuts are added to flavor it. Walnuts are a rich source of essential fatty acids and can be included in the diet of children and teenagers who are in the growing stage.

Labneh Cheese

Labneh is one of our most important dairy products that has a soft and spreadable texture and a creamy scent and taste. This product is a good source of protein and calcium, and has a lower fat ratio than cream cheeses.

Suitable for all people in different age groups. In addition to breakfast, this cheese is also used in other meals and along with other food materials, which actually makes it a special product that lets you enjoy more of the real taste of cheese.

Lighvan Cheese

This cheese is made from fresh sheep’s milk, which makes it have a very special taste and a porous texture.

After the production, Lighvan cheese is stored in brine and delivered to consumers the same way.

The relatively high percentage of fat in Lighvan cheese makes the cheese rather soft.

Permeate Powder


Min Order= 13 Tons
container= 20 ft.
The price is FOB Bandarabbas ports
The price is per ton, Call for handling and shipping costs.

Pizza Cheese

mozzarella pizza cheese is a unique product of this dairy company. The quality, taste, texture, and elasticity of this cheese are approved by nutritionists and chefs and can give a different taste to any type of pizza and lasagna.

This product should be stored at a temperature below zero and in the standard -18 ° C. Today, due to the increasing preoccupation in individual lives, the number of fast-food fans has noticeably increased.

Pizza is one of these foods that can be easily prepared at home, the most important part of which is cheese. Mozzarella Pizza Cheese and Ramak Pizza Topping are quality products that can affect the taste of your food.

Ramak Baf Cheese

we are looking for the health and satisfaction of consumers, so this time for their convenience, the delicious carton packed cheese is offered in a different container with lid, called the Baf cheese, which has a unique texture that can be cut and also easily spread, so it can be used on any type of bread.

Skimmed Milk Powder


Min Order= 13 Tons
container= 20 ft.
The price is FOB Bandarabbas ports
The price is per ton, Call for handling and shipping costs.

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